This Orangutan Joy Herb Tea

Global Travel , exactly at a menagerie in Solo, have had a hobby of smoking orang, orang in state capital is completely different once more. She prefers to drink tea.

At Taronga menagerie, Sydney, you’ll see the distinctive habits of orangutans. A combine of orangutans at the menagerie, male and Willow, drinking tea.

Herbal teas ar made up of a mix of herbaceous plant, jasmine, and tea could be a favorite primates, particularly within the winter. each of them drank tea from a plastic bottle, sort of a drink.

“We don’t perceive why they will like tea. However, we tend to notice this {can be} a decent issue as a result of it can forestall them from dehydration,” aforesaid Jane Marshall, Taronga steward, as quoted by the News, Monday (08/06/2012).

Willow could be a male and 2 orangutans from 2 completely different species, the Sumatran orang and orang island. This distinction makes the 2 species can’t breed, though a combine.

Both of those orangutans ar new residents Taronga menagerie, once 2 years at the middle of the orang analysis.